Lyrik (check his stuff out) and I got together to make a rap song titled 'Vivid Imaginations'. I had fun working on it, and I think you guys'll enjoy it. Check it out here and drop a review.

The beat used was by Fayde, so be sure to check out his stuff, too, if you enjoy the production (Alternatively, his SoundCloud link is this).
I also uploaded a new song titled 'When I Go'. The link is right here. I really appreciate any feedback I get, so it'd be great to hear some. (If you listened to it already, I reuploaded it and change a tiny thing to it, so hopefully that makes it interesting enough to give it a second listen.)
My Facebook music page (Wolfie) also has stuff not on Newgrounds, so if you like what I got, head over there and you'll find more songs/instrumentals.
Lastly, I'm still open for more collabs. If anyone wants to work with me, send a PM or leave a comment here.

Thanks for reading!

I'm a rapper that is looking for people to collab with.

You can look through the audio section of my profile page to hear what I sound like. Everything I've uploaded has been placed in the "olskool' section so far, but I'm not completely against making modern hip-hop music. Of course, if you don't want to go through my page, you can click this or this. The first link is my song with the most downloads, the second link is a song that I like, personally (mainly for the beat, but still).

I'd like to meet new people, make connections, and lend my support to others.

I'm just trying to have fun with this. If anyone wants to work with me, leave a comment or PM, and I'll be sure to reply.

Reuploaded songs

2012-06-27 23:10:13 by Wolfie

(Assuming I've uploaded correctly,) I've re-uploaded my vocal hip-hop songs. I'm trying my best to improve, so I took the advice that some of my reviewers have given and re-recorded all my songs. If you can give them a second listen, I'd appreciate it. And for those that liked them in the first place, I hope you guys enjoy the new version and consider it an improvement.

In other news, I've brought up my Facebook page, so if you happen to like my stuff, please make your way over to Wolfie's Facebook Page and like the page.