Entry #3

Collaboration with Lyrik, check out our song! + Other Stuff

2012-07-30 20:29:04 by Wolfie

Lyrik (check his stuff out) and I got together to make a rap song titled 'Vivid Imaginations'. I had fun working on it, and I think you guys'll enjoy it. Check it out here and drop a review.

The beat used was by Fayde, so be sure to check out his stuff, too, if you enjoy the production (Alternatively, his SoundCloud link is this).
I also uploaded a new song titled 'When I Go'. The link is right here. I really appreciate any feedback I get, so it'd be great to hear some. (If you listened to it already, I reuploaded it and change a tiny thing to it, so hopefully that makes it interesting enough to give it a second listen.)
My Facebook music page (Wolfie) also has stuff not on Newgrounds, so if you like what I got, head over there and you'll find more songs/instrumentals.
Lastly, I'm still open for more collabs. If anyone wants to work with me, send a PM or leave a comment here.

Thanks for reading!


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2012-10-13 00:32:08

Hey! You commented on my comedy rap song (thank you for the comment by the way) and I was wondering if you knew any good beatmakers looking for a rapper? I posted a news thing about it too but the only responder hasn't gotten back to me unfortunately.

Wolfie responds:

No problem! I actually had it downloaded awhile back, but I kept forgetting to review it (sorry it took so long).

Give me a second, I'll PM you a response.


2013-08-04 02:40:03

Update yo news homie!