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Solid RPG Solid RPG

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Hey, you finally got it on the site! Cool!

Yeah, you might not remember me. I was that kid who typed in all caps in your Stick RPG 2 review, added you on AIM, and tested your game (Solid RPG). I think my username was Divingknives or something. Don't remember.

But anyways, this is a good game. Graphics aren't the best, but the game is real fun. I really like how you got your skills and the skills themselves. That's what really made the game fun, at least for me. And the boss battle music was great too.

Well, there's not much else to say. Sucks that your game got taken off of their site. And it also sucks that your this will be your last submission :(. But, that still means you'll make more games right? You probably already made another game since I last talked with you though and if you did, I'd love to play it. Your games kick ass!

Anyways, great game. Hopefully you can one day make Super Stick 3 :D